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Monthly Board Meeting
Town of New Haven
June 3, 2014

The monthly board meeting of the Town of New Haven was called to order by Chairman, Marv Prestrud, at the New Haven Town Hall at 7:03 pm on Tuesday, June 3, 2014. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Roll Call showed Prestrud, Cormican, Huber and Duerst present. Ulrich arrived shortly after the meeting started. Townspeople were also in attendance.

Motion by Huber, second by Cormican, to approve the May 6th, 2014 board meeting minutes as distributed. Carried.

The Treasurer gave the Treasurer’s Report:
Checking $ 5,733.37
Savings $26,775.04
LGIP $ 3,109.39

Motion by Cormican, second by Huber to approve the Treasurer’s Report. Carried

Patrolman’s Report
Jake was busy and had been excused from attending tonight’s meeting and giving a report. The board discussed selling the old fuel tanks. They reviewed estimates for a new fuel tank and barrier, concrete pad and fence. The board is leaning towards hiring someone local to do the concrete work and perhaps get the fence at Menards.

Boyceville Ambulance & Fire District Report
Huber said that she had a conflicting meeting the same evening as the last Boyceville Ambulance & Fire District meeting so she shared what was in the minutes from the meeting she missed. Some discussion.

Marv said he had nothing new to report from the Clear Lake Ambulance District.

Plan Commission Report
Huber reported to the board that the plan commission has had two meetings and that Bob Colson, Dunn County Planning & Zoning Administrator had come to one of them. The plan commission took a vote at the end of the second meeting and the vote was three (3) to continue under Dunn County Zoning and one (1) not to continue. One member was absent. They also recommended inviting Bob Colson to come and speak at a meeting that would be advertised for the public to come and attend to get more information and give their input. Huber shared the voting statistics of the last several years for the town and said she doesn’t believe the referendum results of the town wanting to come under Dunn County Zoning should be dismissed because there was only a 10 vote margin of “Yes” votes to “No” votes. (In the 4/12/12 election which had the referendum question about whether the town should adopt Dunn County Zoning or not, there were 187 voters which represented turn out of .503% of registered voters in the town. 98 voters voted “Yes” to adopt Dunn County Zoning and 88 voters voted “No”.)

Prestrud asked if the town adopted Dunn County Zoning before or after the town passed its own Non-Metallic Mining Ordinance. The clerk looked in the minute book from 2012 and said that the town adopted Dunn County Zoning on 4/10/12, which was right after the election, and did not pass the town’s Non-Metallic Mining Ordinance until 7/10/12.

Huber also said there are more issues than just frac sand mining. She said that Dunn County Planning & Zoning would give their support for enforcement of the ordinance if we are under County zoning otherwise the town must take the time and pay the costs of enforcing their own ordinances.

The commission does not want to spend the time involved in mapping if the board is not going to pass a resolution for the town to continue under the New Dunn County Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance. Discussion about when to hold a meeting for the public and board to attend. The board agreed that it would be a good idea to hold an informational meeting for the townspeople to attend and it is their hope that they could get enough information to possibly make a decision about whether to continue under Dunn County Zoning by the August meeting. A final decision must be made by the October deadline. Once a public informational meeting date has been set it will be advertised in the newspaper.

Public input
Laura Ulrich had some suggestions on placements of road signs. There was also a question from a townsperson about putting in a culvert on both sides of the road on County Road K when the Highway Department is doing their work on it. The board said that if the person were to contact the Highway Department directly with their suggestion, they would listen to their concern. There was some brief discussion on plowing and road maintenance, and the culvert on 1450th Ave which will be on the bridge petition.

Old Business
The board asked that the item of health insurance for the town patrolman be put on the agenda for the July meeting.

The board discussed putting a notice in the paper about the pulverizing of 4,500 feet of 1410th Ave. They will make a decision about who to enter into the contract with at the July board meeting. The 50th St road work will be put on the July agenda as well and a decision will be made once all the figures for the work on 1410th Ave come in.

Prestrud gave an update on the TRI-D (Town Road Improvement – Discretionary) Project. It was awarded to the town by the State of Wisconsin. The town can spend $200,000 and be reimbursed up to $99,771.87 once the work is completed and paid for. Jeff Klaustermeier will work with the town on this project. Prestrud said he had spoken with Dan Fedderly about initial engineering work that needs to be done. Discussion about hiring an engineer to do some initial work on the project. Motion by Cormican, second by Huber to hire an engineer to do the initial work needed on the 170th St project. Motion carried.

Cormican stated that the Town of Glenwood signed the Local Road 50/50 Split Agreement provided by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. The clerk made copies and will keep a copy on file and Jake Cormican will mail the original in.

New Business
Jan Robinson of Rural Mutual Insurance told the board she will be retiring later this year and introduced Geoffrey Liddle who will be replacing her. Geof has worked for 4 years in the Eau Claire office and is now a partner in the Menomonie office.

There are no changes to the business owner’s policy except for the 2% inflation increase. The board said they would like information at the next meeting in July about increasing the liability and glass coverage on the vehicles and thanked Jan and Geof for coming to the meeting.

The board discussed whether to have an official commiseration leave policy for the full time town patrolman position. They decided to leave it as is, which is that the patrolman would either use paid time off or leave without pay to cover commiseration leave.

The board discussed whether to rent a portable for the Connorsville Softball Field for the summer. Based on the fact that it is not used as much as it used to be they decided not to rent one.

Motion by Cormican, second by Huber to approve the liquor licenses for Kistner’s Korner and Gloria’s Green Gables; the tobacco license for Kistner’s Korner; and operator licenses for the following operators: Gloria’s: Erin Leslie; Carrie Green; Pamela Mounce and Joel Cormican; and for Kistner’s: Bridgette Bliese; Pamela Nosko; Karen Fritz; Trace Polzin; Jennilee Benton and Heidi Swenson.

Motion by Huber, second by Cormican to pay the bills as presented on the check detail. Carried.

The next board meeting is July 1, 2014 at 7:00 pm.

Motion by Cormican, second by Huber to adjourn the meeting at 8:30 pm.

Respectfully submitted by

Diane Duerst, Town Clerk


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